Aberfoyle and Morriston, Ontario – My Top 6 Picks

Aberfoyle and Morriston, Ontario – My Top 6 Picks

Puslinch is a township in south-central Ontario in Wellington County south of Guelph. The area is rich in natural gas resources. About half of the township is forested, and a conservation area lies to the southwest. Near the western edge of the township, just outside of Cambridge, Ontario is Puslinch Lake, the largest kettle lake in North America.  A kettle lake is a shallow, sediment-filled body of water formed by retreating glaciers or draining floodwaters.

The township includes the communities of Aberfoyle, Aikensville, Arkell, Badenoch, Barbers Beach, Corwhin, Crieff, Killean, Little Lake, Morriston and Puslinch.

Aberfoyle is the administrative center for Puslinch Township and the municipality’s administrative offices and fire station are located here. Aberrfoyle is located at the headwaters of Mill Creek, about ten kilometers south of Guelph. Aberfoyle was first settled in the 1840s and is named for Aberfoyle, Scotland. It is famous for its spring water.

Morriston is located in Puslinch Township at Highway 6 and County Road 36, one kilometer south of Highway 401, and sixteen kilometers southeast of Guelph.  In 1847 Mr. R. B. Morriston opened a store in one end of his blacksmith shop and two years later built a store on the east side of the road.

Architectural Photos, Aberfoyle, Ontario

Aberfoyle Mill

Architectural Photos, Aberfoyle, Ontario

Gothic Revival – cobblestone – cornice return on end gable – Aberfoyle

Architectural Photos, Morriston, Ontairo

Gothic Revival – cobblestone architecture – Morriston


Architectural Photos, Puslinch, Ontario

Puslinch Heritage Building – Gothic – cobblestone – Morriston

Architectural Photos, Morriston, Ontario

Gothic Revival – verge board trim on gables with finials – Morriston