June, 2016:

Daddy Where Are You?

Dear Barbara:

Thanks for filling in the missing years, of a dear person you are.

Sorry, you have missed so much, in your own life, and now the 44+ years in our lives.

Great to read about your own development, and how your mother was also your ‘girlfriend’ as well as mother and father in your growing years.

Barbara, you married into the family, and changed your name, to become part of us to share, love and life.  Harry and I as brothers, both have the same family, of 3 sisters, and Harris as an older brother.

“DADDY WHERE ARE YOU” is words of a 3+ little girl, seeking love lost.  Your mother filled in as best she could, to see you as an adult that she can be proud of, with your development.

The reading and writing has done you well and selecting goals to apply them and ‘Pay Forward’ by sharing.

LOVE will overpower all given a chance.  I have known all my life, ‘you can’t buy love’, but not trying we all would have less.

Thanks for your story, ‘filling in the forgotten years’ for me helps see you better; your father and mother are proud of you.



Daddy Where Are You?

I just wanted to let you know that I finished reading your “Daddy” book and enjoyed it very much. It gave me a better chance to get to know you. It is amazing how little we knew about you. You have led an interesting life and have done a good job of putting it all down. It has been a lot of work.

Elma Raue