Daddy, Where Are You?

What is it like to grow up without a father? There is no male figure to guide you through the ups and downs of life. What challenges are there to face alone?
Thankfully we had a wonderful mother who took her responsibility as a parent very seriously and was conscious of meeting the needs of her growing family while staying within a fixed budget. She passed that knowledge on to us so that we can enjoy life and not live with debt hanging over us and pulling us down.
From skipping rope to bouncing balls, from paddling to swimming, from reading to writing, Barbara shares her experiences of an ordinary life with challenges to be faced and obstacles to overcome. From childhood to adulthood, to marriage, to her first child, and then two more, from her first job, to her first car, to moving on in a career, Barbara shares her life.
From her first camera in the days of film that had to be developed, to digital photography, Barbara’s hobby now incorporates an interest in architecture, and she shares her pictures in Saving Our History One Photo at a Time.
From figure skating to work with Pioneer Boys and Girls groups, Barbara shows her growth as she embarks on a lifelong learning curve that explores her interest in art, history, photography, geology, astrology, reading and writing. Where did things come from and who discovered or created them? Barbara found out in her studies on inventions.
Barbara continues trying to be the best mother and grandmother she can be, to be the best wife she can be, to be the best family historian she can be, to put together the best photography books she can. It is the journey that she lives, its successes and failures, pressing on towards the goals in mind. Her children and grandchildren are important to her and the most precious thing she can give them is herself.
As she lives each day, she is open to guidance and direction from above and looks for new opportunities to pursue. Things which were a passing interest to her have become passions. She never thought she would be writing books for others to enjoy. For years she compiled family history books on various branches of the family, but never thought she would produce a biography, a novel, or an autobiography. She has found that she loves to write.
The future is unknown but anticipated with wonder and excitement.