Donaldson Series

Donaldson Book 1
Rite of Passage

Donaldson Series Book 1 Rite of Passage

Jonathan Donaldson was finished school. What was he going to do now? When he arrived home, there was a letter from his grandfather asking him to come out to the family ranch to work during the summer. He hadn’t seen his grandparents for six years since his father died. Did he want to go? His step-father, Paul Maryvale, pushed him to go and feed him information on the working of the ranch. Paul didn’t figure Jonathan would survive a month with the hard work. Jonathan set out to prove that he could last. His Grandpa wanted him to come to love the ranch. Could he do that?

He made mistake after mistake and got himself into some dangerous situations, but slowly he learned how to do things correctly. His love for the ranch was growing, as was his interest in Kathleen O’Magony. Was it just a passing interest or could there be more to it?

Donaldson Book 2
Rite of Marriage

Donaldson Series Book 2 Rite of Marriage

Dorothy Donaldson has had only minimal contact with her Mom over the past twelve years. When she receives a long letter from her, she is surprised; included in the letter is a request that she go to Boston to visit and reconnect. She is encouraged to go and to take some of her paintings with her to try to sell in Boston.

Shortly after Dorothy’s letter arrives, Kathleen O’Magony, the fiancé of Dorothy’s son Jonathan, receives an invitation from her grandparents to visit them in Boston. Kathleen has not seen them since she was six years old so doesn’t remember them at all. She has never been away from Serena, Montana, a small western town. Since it is already October, she would be away until the spring, a very daunting prospect. She would miss her parents and her fiancé.

Dorothy and Kathleen travel together to Boston. They are met with challenges and chances for romance. What decisions will each make?

Meanwhile back in Montana, Jonathan makes a huge mistake and has to face the consequences as he moves forward with his life.