Television was still in its infancy when I entered this world and most of the shows were in black and white.  It wasn’t until I was in high school that most of the programming was in full colour.  I Love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver, Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke were enjoyable to watch and get involved in the entertainment.  The opportunity to go to the movies was rare and therefore it was a big event during Grade 12 for a group of us to go to the theatre to see Gone With the Wind based on the novel by Margaret Mitchell which we had read earlier in the year.  Hawaii Five-O, The Bionic Man and Wonder Woman were fantasies to enjoy.  The movie Fiddler on the Roof has special meaning to me as it was the night I fell in love with Harry, my husband of the past 40 years.

Canada’s Wonderland was a great place to take our boys; Michael was the eager one to go on all the thrilling roller coasters, while Zane was a little more laid back.  Harry and I had seasons’ tickets for several years to Theatre Aquarius, an incentive for us to spend time together on a regular basis without the children and the everyday cares of life.  Tall Ships were in Port Colborne in 2001 and Harry and I took our daughter Annette with us for a day on the waterfront. Tall Ships are coming to Hamilton at the end of June 2013.

It is my belief that as life continues on I must nourish and stimulate my mind on a daily basis, always looking for ways to grow and mature.  I began taking courses in 2005, beginning with Evelyn Wood’s Memory Dynamics where I learned techniques for remembering details.  The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and The Eighth Habit by Steven Covey were more food for the mind.

I continue to pursue my interests in history, art, geology, architecture, photography and astronomy.  I joined a women’s Book Club in 2006 and have had the opportunity to read several classics, such as War and Peace and Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, as well as more current books.  Since I had never been exposed to this type of reading, there were many ideas that I followed up with research on the internet.  Sea Biscuit and Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and Born to Run by Christopher McDougall were enjoyable books to read and learn from.