Writing Routine

I have had a writing routine in place for the past six years.  It has kept me constantly moving forward with one book after another.  I wrote as soon as I got up in the morning.  I sometimes had half an hour, three quarters of an hour, or more.  Sometimes I only had fifteen minutes.  However, the routine was there.

Then along came the summer holidays this year.  We did a lot of travelling and photography for my photo book series and I gave myself a break from the daily writing habit.  When the holidays were over, the routine had to be re-established.

Then my work routine changed.  I was moved to shift work with one week of days followed by a week of afternoons.  Starting 1½ hours earlier means there is no time to write before leaving for work.  When I come home from work, sometimes the nice weather provides a diversion and the writing goes by the wayside.

When I am on afternoons, writing first thing in the morning works well.  Two weeks of the month I have a workable routine for my daily writing.  I am working on getting into a routine for the other week.