Top 4 Roof Styles in Ontario Architecture

Top 4 Roof Styles in Ontario Architecture

Gable Roof

Architectural Roof Styles, Ontario
16 Jones Street, Stoney Creek
  • the triangular portion of a wall between the edges of a sloping roof
  • Jacobean Gable: the gable extends above the roofline

Gambrel Roof

Architectural Roof Styles, Ontario
King Street, Midland
  • a symmetrical two-sided roof with two slopes on each side
  • the upper slope is positioned at a shallow angle, while the lower slope is steep
  • has vertical gable ends instead of being hipped at the four corners of the building

Hipped Roof

Architectural Roof Styles, Ontario
52 Burnet Street, Oakville
  • all sides slope downwards to the walls with no gables

Mansard Roof

Architectural Roof Styles, Ontario
299 Dundas Street, Waterdown

This style was popularized by Francois Mansart (1598-1666), an accomplished architect of the French Baroque period and especially fashionable during the Second French Empire (1852-1870).

  • This roof is almost flat on the top section, with two slopes on each of its sides with the lower slope at a steeper angle than the upper
  • has dormer windows


Top 6 Architectural Styles in Ontario


Architectural Styles, Ontario
6 York Street, Orangeville
  • simple, balanced facades
  • simple roof lines
  • dormer windows
  • large front porches
  • smooth brick surfaces
  • voussoirs and keystones are used sparingly and are understated
  • finials and cresting are absent
  • cornice brackets and braces are block-like
  • openings have flat arches or plain stone lintels


Architectural Styles, Ontario

481 Ridout Street, London, Ontario
  • balanced facades around a central door
  • medium-pitched gable roofs
  • small-paned windows


Architectural Styles, Ontario
63-65 Sydenham Street, Dundas
  • decorative buildings with sharply-pitched gables
  • highly detailed verge boards
  • pointed-arch window openings
  • dichromatic brickwork


Architectural Styles, Ontario
31 Foster Street, Perth
  • two story rectangular buildings
  • hip roof
  • a projecting frontispiece
  • generous eaves with ornate cornice brackets
  • large sash windows
  • quoins
  • ornate detailing on the windows
  • belvederes
  • wraparound verandahs
  • cast iron cresting
  • elegant window surrounds

Queen Anne

Architectural Styles, Ontario
26 Lansdowne Road North, Galt
  • irregular outline
  • an offset tower
  • broad gables
  • projecting two-story bays
  • verandahs
  • multi-sloped roofs
  • tall, decorative chimneys
  • a mixture of brick and wood is common

Second Empire

Architectural Styles, Ontario
Langevin Block, Wellington Street, Ottawa
  • mansard roof
  • projecting central towers
  • one or two-story bays