London, Ontario – My Top 6 Picks

London, Ontario – My Top 6 Picks

London was the first city in Ontario where I photographed the old buildings. Why did I choose London? My girlfriend moved from Stoney Creek to London and I saw some of the old buildings when I visited Linda. I decided it was a good place to start my photography. London is located in southwestern Ontario on the Thames River.

Queen Anne style

St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica, begun in 1880 and dedicated in 1885, is in the 13th Century French Gothic style. Some of its notable features are the massive bell towers, high transepts, an imposing sanctuary, and the rose window built in Innsbruck, Austria.

The Normal School, 165 Elmwood Avenue East – This 3 storey building was designed in the High Victorian style in 1898-1899.  The London Normal School provided teacher training until 1956.

Brescia Residence, University of Western Ontario – Nuns lived in the left portion, students in the right; as the nuns died and no new ones took their places, the remainder of the building became residences for students.

Downtown – Dichromatic brickwork, decorative capitals on pillars, cornice brackets

































Talbot Street Baptist Church erected in 1881. It is now a Christian Reformed Church.