Waterford, Ontario – My Top 6 Picks

Waterford, Ontario – My Top 6 Picks

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Waterford is located on Pleasant Ridge Road, or old Highway 24 in Norfolk County, south of Brantford, north of Simcoe and southwest of Ohsweken. Waterford was established in 1794 with saw and grist mills on Nanticoke Creek. An early major industry was the agricultural implement factory built by James Green, a local merchant. The area surrounding the town is primarily agricultural land with tomatoes, tobacco and corn among the main crops. With the decline of the tobacco industry, area farmers have suffered, but ginseng is being grown on some farms. In 1979 a freak tornado swept through the town, knocked down trees, and damaged houses and public property.

92 Main Street – Italianate, belvedere on roof, paired cornice brackets, verge board and finial on gables, second floor balcony, Doric columns

Neo-colonial style of architecture with a gambrel

163 Main Street – Vernacular – three storey tower, intricate spindle woodwork on porch, pediments, unusual shaped turret or tower

Italianate – paired cornice brackets, bay window on the side of the house

138 Main Street – Italianate, paired cornice brackets, wraparound verandah

Georgian – six-over-six windows, Doric pillars, widow’s walk on top of hipped roof, two tall chimneys, sidelights and transom window around door