The Olympics have always intrigued me and though I was not very athletic as a young girl I liked to try doing figure eights and camel spins.  Baseball and tin can cricket were fun to play as I was growing up.  Skipping rope, single and double dutch, were often enjoyed pastimes.  The level of competition at the Olympics just boggles my mind.  When I watch some of the sports, such as speed skating where the skaters are on such an angle, my stomach clenches up as I fear they are going to crash.  The beauty of diving, figure skating and floor exercises in gymnastics are a thrill to watch.  Nadia Comaneci was so graceful as she performed on the balance beam; what a thrill it was to watch her.  Watching other events, I feel myself encouraging the athletes onward towards the finish line.

With the introduction of television to broadcast the Olympic events, many hours have been spent watching the athletes perform.  The opening ceremonies have been come such a big production that without a commentary explaining what is happening much of what is viewed would not be understood.  The achievements of our Canadian athletes is recognized, but there are always other performances that are awe inspiring that round out ones appreciation of what the human body is capable of performing.

There is a huge amount of information available on the internet about the Olympics for anyone who cares to weed through it.  I have chosen to record some of the gems of the events over the years and left out much of the political undertones and the catching of cheaters who have used drug-enhancing substances in order to win.