Wonders of the World

As I grew up, I heard about the Wonders of the Ancient World but I never knew what they were.  I also heard of other wonders of the world and Niagara Falls was named as one of them.  There are also architectural wonders such as the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario.  I researched the subject and was amazed and intrigued by what I discovered.

There are many wonders that we can only read and surmise about while there are many others we can visit today.  Travel with me from the great pyramid of Giza, to the Iguacu Falls of Brazil and Argentina, to Mount Everest, Fuji and Kilimanjaro, to Big Ben in London, England, to the Empire State Building in New York, to the Panama Canal, to the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal of India, and on beyond.  What a thrill it was for us in 2013 to travel through the Panama Canal.